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Mayor’s welcome message

Dear investors,

In case you are searching for a location for your investment, opt for Derventa – a municipality with long tradition in industry, crafts and agriculture, also a municipality with efficient administration and a developed infrastructure. We will assist you in the best possible way to learn about all the opportunities, potentials and the current economic environment making the Municipality of Derventa one of the most attractive parts of Republic of Srpska for investment, start of business, efficient and successful development.

We are prepared to assist you in the realization of your idea and provide you with the most competent experts in specific areas as your professional assistance. High level of openness and tolerance, direct contact with investors and short time for obtaining all of the necessary documentation for opening up the company are the most important factors that will surely make you an investor in Derventa.

The Mayor of the municipality with his team, the local economic development associate within the Department of economy and social affairs, as well as the municipal Economic Council consisting  of local businessmen and entrepreneurs, will provide you with full support in starting your new entrepreneurial activities and helping remove barriers for your business .

Derventa municipal investment support team will help you in negotiations with higher levels of government, suppliers and distributors, domestic and foreign financiers, and potential partners. You will understand why we are rightfully known as the top local community for investing in BiH.

“We are a local community open for any type of cooperation. Our objective for Derventa is to become a small regional economic centre, given the developed economy. Over 20 foreign investors, mostly from Austria and Italy, are already successfully operating in Derventa area.”

Milorad Simić, Mayor of Municipality of Derventa (October 26th 2018)